We’re supplying K-pop official products related to Korean culture to many countries around the world since 2015.

KPOPB2B site is for re-sellers, fans, individuals to buy in bulk at an affordable price. Anyone can purchase on our website.

In the case of overseas delivery, it is important to pack it safely and send it at a low price. That’s why our packaging experts are constantly researching and making the following efforts to deliver safely and inexpensively.

1) We only use high-strength boxes. High-strength boxes are dark brown on the outside and are more expensive than regular boxes. However, we use high-strength boxes to reduce product breakage


2) We use a variety of packaging materials for safe packaging. We use appropriate packaging materials for each product to prevent product damage.

Packing matrial

3) We have a team to research various packaging materials. Probably the first team in Korea, and we value this research. We constantly research for safe packaging.

4) We strive to reduce shipping charges. Shipping costs vary a lot depending on how you package your products. We, packaging experts, work to reduce shipping costs by using optimized packaging loading technology.

KpopB2B is supplying products quickly and safely based on its distribution system and infrastructure.

KpopB2B will always be your best partner for your successful business.

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