Why can’t I finish the payment when I order it?

KpopB2B does not support a direct payment system.
The manager is checking all the orders and sending you a payment link.

As you know, KpopB2B has only 5 units per album as a MOQ.
However, KpopB2B customers often buy dozens to hundreds of copies per album.
If we purchase an album with a large number of buyers, we need to check the stock in the warehouse.
Even the moment you put the product in your cart, the other customer’s order is being shipped from our warehouse.
We need to check that there are available quantities left in our warehouse or if the manufacturer no longer produces them.
Only then can you provide the exact quantity you want.
And for limited-edition pre-orders, entertainment may limit the quantity supplied.
For this reason, we check the quantity of the product you ordered first and send the payment link only when the order is available.
This can prevent us from suddenly canceling your order.
And you can discuss with us about the quantity adjustment, transportation method, etc. before ordering.


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